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Backyard Burning

Burning and burying of garbage causes pollution and poses health threats. This is why it is illegal for Dakota County residents, including farmers, to burn or bury solid wastes—such as paper, plastic, cardboard, aerosols and other garbage. Residents must contract with a waste hauler or take their garbage to a local disposal facility.

For most Minnesotans, it is against the law to burn or bury household wastes — it's been illegal since the 1980s. Farmers in some areas are still allowed to burn some household wastes, due to the limited availability of collection or drop-off services for waste and recyclables.

Minn. Stat. 88.171: Open Burning Prohibitions ~ addresses prohibited materials that cannot be burned, including industrial waste, garbage, and hazardous wastes.
No person shall conduct, cause, or permit open burning of rubber, plastics, chemically treated materials, or other materials which produce excessive or noxious smoke including, but not limited to, tires, railroad ties, chemically treated lumber, composite shingles, tar paper, insulation, composition board, sheetrock, wiring, paint, or paint filters.