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Mark Henry

Arlyn Lamb (Supervisor), Volunteers:  Randy Becker, Jane Bistodeau, Deanna Gehloff, Maralee Rother

Colette Mumm

Arlyn Lamb (Supervisor & Chair),

Michael Kiefer (Supervisor),  Ken Betzold (Chair),  Mark Henry,  Elaine Wikstrom (Secretary),  David Mumm,  John Day, Jim Ozmun

Official notices are published in the Farmington Independent and Cannon Falls Beacon, and are posted at the Town Hall, Farmers Mill & Elevator, and Castle Rock Banks in Farmington and Castle Rock

                  November 2008       print


The Castle Rock Chronicle is a quarterly publication. Issues are published in February, May, August, and November. It is distributed to all residences and landowners of Castle Rock Township. If you know of anyone in the Township who did not receive a copy, please notify the office at 651-460-2221. If you would like a copy, there are copies at the office. Please take note of our advertisers who pay for the publication of the Castle Rock Chronicle. If you are interested in advertising in the Castle Rock Chronicle for the next year, please contact the Clerk for information. We thank the advertisers for supporting the Chronicle. Remember to support them. There is no charge to the Township residents for this newsletter.


At the November 12, 2008 Board of Supervisors meeting, 2 representatives from CAPX2020 presented information on the utility project. The Certificate of Need process is now before the judge. A decision should be made by May or June 2009.The next step is the route permit process and the utility company must submit 2 proposed routes to the Public Utilities. The routes are a 12 mile corridor-one on the north end of the township and the second on the south end. The poles would be a single pole (not lattice style), 8’-10’ across the bottom, 150’ tall with arms on bothsides. The right of way is 150’ and the span between poles will be 1000’.

The finalized route permit should be submitted by the end of 2008. Public hearings and environmental scoping meetings will be held within 60 days of permit submittal at which time the public is invited to voice concerns. The Public UtilitiesCommission decide the final route, not the utility companies. Maps, meeting dates, and route information can be found on the website . CAPX2020 will also be sending out information regarding meeting dates and times.


We had a great turn out for the General Election this year. A total of 835 ballots were cast out of 928 registered voters. 81 new registrants also came in on Election Day to cast their vote.

Thank you to the residents of Castle Rock Township!


School District Results
ISD 659 Northfield IDS 195 Randolph  ISD 192 Farmington
Diane Cirksena Gary Mourhouse Julie McKnight
Ellen R. Iverson Steve Weidner Tim Burke
Jeff Quinnell Glenn Woodhouse Julie Singewald
Anne Maple    


Many thanks to the outstanding job done by the election judges at both the Primary and General Election. In March 2009 there will be another election. The residents of Castle Rock Township will be asked to vote “yes” or “no” to Option B. “Shall Option B, providing the appointment of the clerk by the town board, be abandoned for the government of the town?”
In other words, if you would like the clerk position to be an elected position-vote “yes”. If you would like the clerk position to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors-vote “no”. Positions available at the March elections are:

Supervisor “D”     3 year term
Supervisor “E”     3 year term
Clerk                  2 year term

December 30, 2008 will be the first day for candidates to file and the candidate filing will close on January 13, 2009.


This has been another busy quarter in Castle Rock. MinnCan completed their operations in our Township and responded favorably to a request for funding to help us restore our roads to their pre-project condition. Many thanks to Mark Henry and several “volunteers” for monitoring and recording MinnCan operations so the required documentation was in place for the Township to receive these funds.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support concerning the mowing of the full Township Right-of-Ways along our roads. Keeping these areas covered with proper vegetation not only helps maintain our ditches and sight lines but it is good for wildlife as well. In fact Castle Rock Township is mentioned in the Winter 2009 Pheasants Forever magazine (p.147) for doing excellent work to improve drainage, water quality and pheasant habitat!

Please visit or call the office for the Town Board and Planning Commission meeting dates and times. Your input is very important to the successful operation of the Township and we encourage you to attend meetings to let us know your issues and concerns.
Thank you and God Bless. Gary Pipho- Board Chair


There have been two major changes with the Planning Commission since the last Chronicle. Starting November 24th, 2008, Planning Commission meetings will start at 7:30 p.m. instead of 8:00 p.m. Also starting November 24th, 2008 the Planning Commission will be overseeing the building permits again. Once the Planning Commission and the Inspector has reviewed them, they will go to the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting for approval.
Planning Commission Members


The two construction projects with in or near the Township that have had a dramatic effect on the roads have been completed.

The MinnCan project affecting the north and west corner of the Town was substantially finished by October 1, 2008. Township representatives and an official from Minnesota Pipeline Co. met and discussed reparations for damage on the Town’s road. A settlement was received which should help restore the designated haul routes to their pre-construction condition.

The CSAH #47 and CSAH #86 reconstruction caused considerable wear on 270th St E and Akron Avenue. At the October 28th, 2008 Road Committee meeting, a recommendation was made to re-gravel these roads at a cost in excess of $30,000.00. Though the need for this project has been demonstrated by the number of accidents at this intersection over the years, the short term financial drain on the Township is evident.

Once again the Board would like to remind citizens that pushing snow across the Town’s roads is illegal unless it is completely removed from the right of way and all snow is removed from the road surface.