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Colette Mumm

Arlyn Lamb (Supervisor & Chair),

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Official notices are published in the Farmington Independent and CannonFalls Beacon, and are posted at the TownHall, Farmers Mill & Elevator, and CastleRock Banks in Farmington and Castle Rock


                  May 2008       print

Castle Rock Chronicle

The Castle Rock Chronicle is a quarterly publication. Issues are published in February, May, August, and November. It is distributed to all residences and landowners of Castle Rock Township. If you know of anyone in the Township who did not receive a copy, please notify the office at 651-460-2221. If you would like a copy, there are copies at the office. Please take note of our advertisers who pay for the publication of the Castle Rock Chronicle. If you are interested in advertising in the Castle Rock Chronicle for the next year, please contact the Clerk for information. We thank the advertisers for supporting the Chronicle. Remember to support them. There is no charge to the Township residents for this newsletter.


MinnCan reports that actual pipeline construction in McLeod, Carver, Sibley, Scott and Dakota counties is scheduled to begin April and run through late 2008. Someconstruction has begun in Castle Rock at this date. Assuming the project remains on schedule, Larry Van Horn, vice president of Operations of the Minnesota Pipeline Company, states a late 2008 completion date is anticipated, at which time 165,000barrels of Canadian crude oil are expected to be transported daily. The first hearingby the Minnesota State Court of Appeals on March 13, 2008. A decision is expectedwithin 120 days. Landowners with property being taken under eminent domain will begin hearings with court appointed commissioners in May. Landowners may also call the project’s toll free line at (877) 796-7846. If you would like to receive the MinnCan Update Newsletter electronically, e-mail MinnCan at and request to be added to the mailing list or you can link to MinnCan through the Castle Rock Township Web site.


March 11, 2008 was the date of the Township’s annual elections. Results were convened and the results are:

Supervisor C- 3 year term to 2011
Pete Schaffer- 117
Michael Rademacher- 97

Gary Pipho was elected as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Michael Kiefer was elected as Vice-Chair.

Thank you to Mike Rademacher for his years for being supervisor on The Township Board.

Two Planning Commission members three-year terms expired, Bob Dubbels was re-appointed for a three-year term and Norbert Kuhn, who took over Dave Nicolai’s position, was appointed for a three-year term at the Reorganizational meeting on March 19th 2008. There was also an opening for a one-year term for a Planning Commission member, which was filled by Sandy Weber, who will serve as the Secretary. In March Dave Kammueller resigned and Todd Sjostrand was appointed at the May 13th 2008 regular Board meeting to finish that term.Thank you to Dave Nicolai and Dave Kammueller for their years as a member on the Planning Commission.

Thank you to all working elections- Maralee Rother, Sandy Weber (head judge), Marlys Guildner, Judy Solinger, Pearl Shirley, Julie Zellmer and Georgiann Juenke.



Farmington Fire Department

Russell Zellmer
Randolph-Hampton Fire Department Russell Zellmer
N. Cannon River Watershed & Chub
Creek Advisory
Pete Schaffer
Vermillion Watershed Pete Schaffer
Northfield Ambulance Gary Pipho
Roads Michael Kiefer
Parks Arlyn Lamb
Communications Arlyn Lamb
CEEF Gary Pipho
Planning Commission Michael Kiefer, primary and Pete Schaffer


This fall, there is anticipation of a large turnout for voting. At one of the voting officials meeting; it was decided to send a registration form with the Castle Rock Chronicle that the residents may use ahead of time, hopefully shorten the time spent in the voting place filling out the form. The Committee had intended to send the forms with this issue but the State doesn’t have them prepared yet, they will be in the August issue.


The Planning Commission has been holding meetings reviewing the Comprehensive Plan and has completed their reviewing. The updated plans for the Comprehensive Plan, is being forwarded to the planner for review and comments. Then the determination will be made as to who makes the changes and when. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on June 2, 2008 for public input and finalize the approval and adoption of the plan. Plan update must be completed by June 2008.


The Board of Supervisors and the Road Committee will conduct a road inspection of the Castle Rock Township on May 24, 2008 at 8:00 a.m. and the group will assemble at the Castle Rock Town Hall. This will be strictly a road inspection and no decisions will be made until the regular Board of Supervisors meeting.


The township is again offering Township residents, living on Township roads only and living within 250 feet of the road, the opportunity to receive dust control in front of their residence. The first 300 feet will be applied at no cost to you. Additional footage is available at 100% of the cost $45.00 per 100 feet increments to residents. Please call the Clerk (651)460-2221 by May 29th if you want extra footage or want an application.


It is with deep regret I inform residents that Maralee Rother, resigned as the Township Clerk effective July 9th 2008.

In 1979 Maralee began on the Planning Commission where she served as Secretary for 27 years. In 1998 she became office assistant and was appointed deputy clerk in 1999. In 2000 she was elected Clerk and then appointed Clerk in 2002 where she has since served with dedication and pride.

Maralee acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding Township rules and procedures by attending courses offered by the Minnesota Association of Townships. Her accomplishments include being on the committee to build a new town hall, an election judge for 20+ years and she volunteered many hours printing, publishing and mailing the Castle Rock Chronicle since it first went into print.

In addition to serving our township Maralee is currently in her second term as secretary-treasurer of the Dakota County Association of Township officers, secretary-treasurer of the Hampton Area Boosters Club, since 1990 has been editor and publisher for the Vermillion Knights of Columbus newsletter, of which her husband Clarence Rother is a member of and she is treasurer for St. Mathias Catholic Aid Council of Hampton.

Please stop in and thank Maralee for her nearly three decades of service to our community.
Gary Pipho, Chairman