Castle Rock Town Hall
2537 240th St. W.
Farmington MN 55024

2537 240th Street West
Farmington, MN 55024
Phone 651-460-2221
Office Hours:
Tues & Thurs 8:00–12:00 pm

Meet monthly-2nd Tuesday-7:00 p.m.
Russell Zellmer, Chair 651-463-4064
Arlyn Lamb, Vice-Chair 651-460-4927
Gary Pipho 507-645-4379
Mike Rademacher 651-463-2232
Michael Monroe Kiefer 651-460-8205

Colette Mumm, Treas. 651-463-4839
Maralee Rother, Clerk 651-463-8523
Deanna Peterson Office Assistant

Meet monthly last Monday-8:00 p.m.
Bob Dubbels, Chair 651-463-4538
David Nicolai, Vice-Chair 651-463-2327
Dave Kammueller, Jr. 651-460-2657
Orren Lucht, Secretary 651-463-4540
Paul Irrthum 651-463-8241

Ron Wasmund 651-322-6632 Inspectron, Inc.

Mark Henry

Arlyn Lamb (Supervisor),  Volunteers: Maralee Rother,  Clarence Rother,  Randy Becker,  Deanna Peterson

Colette Mumm

Arlyn Lamb (Supervisor & Chair),

Michael Kiefer (Supervisor),  Ken Betzold (Chair),  Mark Henry,  Elaine Wikstrom (Secretary),  David Mumm,  John Day, Jim Ozmun

Official notices are published in the Farmington Independent and Cannon Falls Beacon, and are posted at the Town Hall, Farmers Mill & Elevator, and Castle Rock Banks in Farmington and Castle Rock.

                  February 2008       print

Castle Rock Chronicle

The Castle Rock Chronicle is a quarterly publication. Issues are published in February, May, August, and November. It is distributed to all residences and landowners of Castle Rock Township. If you know of anyone in the Township who did not receive a copy, please notify the office at 651-460-2221. If you would like a copy, there are copies at the office. Please take note of our advertisers who pay for the publication of the Castle Rock Chronicle. If you are interested in advertising in the Castle Rock Chronicle for the next year, please contact the Clerk for information. We thank the advertisers for supporting the Chronicle. Remember to support them. There is no charge to the Township residents for this newsletter.


Construction of the MinnCan Project is progressing as stated in the past Chronicle. Minnesota Pipe Line Company has reconfigured the construction plan into three phases. Phase I construction to be completed by late November. The counties involved during the August through November 2007 timeframe are Clearwater, Hubbard, Meeker, Stearns and Wadena. Phase II is scheduled for December 2007 to March 2008 in the remaining portions of Clearwater and Hubbard counties and entering Todd and Morrison counties. Phase III is scheduled for the summer, April through September 2008, in the remaining portions of Morrison, Stearns and Meeker counties as well as beginning and completing construction in Carver, Sibley, Scott and Dakota counties. The pipeline is scheduled to be operational in October 2008. Landowners may also call the project’s toll free line at (877) 796-7846. If you would like to receive the MinnCan Update Newsletter electronically, e-mail MinnCan at and request to be added to the mailing list or you can link to MinnCan through the Castle Rock Township Web site. There has been meetings with Castle Rock Township representatives involving the progress of the MinnCan Project.


March 11, 2008 is the date of the townships annual elections. The term of Supervisor C will expire. Mike Rademacher and Pete Schaffer have filed for this position. Polls will be open on March 11, 2008 between the hours of 10:00am to 8:00pm at the Castle Rock Town Hall 2537 240th Street West (corner of 240th Street and Biscayne Avenue) Farmington MN.

Two Planning Commission member three-year terms expire and will be filled by appointment by the Board of Supervisors at the Reorganizational meeting in March 2008. Due to a resignation, there is also an opening for a one-year term for a Planning Commission member. If you are interested in being on the Planning Commission Board, please call the Clerk at 651-460-2221, or you can also send a resume to The Planning Commission would like to meet the candidates at their February meeting so please contact the office to be placed on their agenda.

Election judges have been approved for the election and the judges will be contacted for their scheduled time to work.



The following is a letter that was sent out in January to all the Landowners and Residents of Castle Rock Township:

To: Landowners of Castle Rock Township

Re: Mowing of Right-of-ways

Be advised that at the November 20th, 2007 regular meeting of the Castle Rock Board of Supervisors, a motion was made and passed to suspend the illegal use of the town’s roads for agricultural purposes. Plowing and planting of non-permanent vegetative cover in the road right-of-way is a violation of MN State Statute 160.2715 (a2).

MN State Statutes are clear in their instructions to local road authorities regarding the use of road right-of-ways. Right-of-ways are to be maintained in permanent vegetative cover to enhance wildlife habitat, improve water quality and provide for safe sight distance, MN State Statute 160.232.

Farming township right-of-ways tend to create higher maintenance costs through increased siltation of culverts and decreases positive drainage of ditches resulting of softer sub grades of gravel roads. This is addressed in MN State Statute 160.2715 (a7).

The full right-of-way of Castle Rock Township roads will be mowed on or about August 1, 2008 as prescribed by law in MN State Statute 160.232 sub c & d. All crops illegally planted in these right-of-ways will be mowed. The majority of Castle Rock Township road right-of-way in the agricultural district has been established at 66 feet total with or 33 feet from the centerline of the town road. This has been done through original dedication of right-of-ways, maintenance, and the legal road registration of 2004.

Landowners not actively farming their own lands will be expected to contact their renters concerning this policy. Landowners with questions regarding the boundaries of the town’s road should contact the Board of Supervisors of Castle Rock Township for delineation.

Castle Rock Board of Supervisors

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to attend a future Board of Supervisor meeting for further discussion.


The Planning Commission has been holding meetings reviewing the comprehensive plan and has completed their reviewing. The updated plans for the Comprehensive Plan, is being forwarded to the planner for review and comments. Then the determination will be made as to who makes the changes and when. Alternately the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for public input and finalize the approval and adoption of the plan. Plan update must be completed by June 2008.

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